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John Bluthal was born in Galicja, Poland in 1929. He emigrated to Australia with his family in 1938 and later studied drama at Melbourne University. John worked in repertory theatre in Melbourne and was also involved in broadcasting. He first appeared with Spike Milligan in the Australian version of Spike's play The Bed Sitting Room. In 1960 John came to Britain and was soon working with major British TV comic talent: he was a regular in Michael Bentine's sketch show It's A Square World (1960), also with Sid James in Citizen James (1960), Eric Sykes in Sykes (1961), and most notably, Tony Hancock in Hancock(1961). Bluthal's film debut was Richard Lester's The Mouse On The Moon (1963), as a daft scientist. He was an M.I.5 man demonstrating killer gadgets, and a casino doorman, in the James Bond spoof Casino Royale(1967). In 1969 he began to work on the Q Series and stayed for all six series. His measured comic acting and talent for mimicry were a huge contribution to Spike's bizarre ideas. Johns impressions of Hughie Green and Huw Weldon were so amusing they became recurring characters in Q. Spike and John continued working together in several radio series and John also starred in Spike's fantastic The great McGonagall (1974). Other movie roles include The Return Of The Pink Panther (1974), Superman III (1983), The Fifth Element (1997), and Dark City (1998). John also was a regular in the hit show The Vicar of Dibley (1994) as one of the eccentric parishioners of Dawn French.

Julia Breck was born in Newport, Isle of Wight. The lovely actress is most famous for her frequent appearances in the Q series in which she generally played a buxom sexual predator. Julia also appeared in other comedy programmes like On The BusesThe Two Ronniesand Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em. In 1971 she starred in the British stage premier of Andy Warhol's controversial play Pork at London's Roundhouse Theatre. Following There's A Lot Of It About, the accomplished theatre actress decided to retire from showbusiness to concentrate on raising her three children whilst pursuing art and model-making as a hobby. She currently lives in France with her husband, Sandy Paterson.

Bob Todd (*1921 +1992) is best known for his work with Benny Hill. He also appeared with Marty Feldman, Jim Davidson and Mike Reid. Bob worked with Milligan in the film version of Spikes war memoir Hitler - My part in his downfall, the theatre version of The bed-sitting room and of course, in Q8 and Q9. Before being one of the finest english comic actors, Bob worked as a cattle breeder. Merseyside band Half Man Half Biscuit immortalised him in the song 99% of Gargoyls Look Like Bob Todd in the 1980s.

David Lodge (*1921 +2003) worked as a circus clown and a ringmaster, in variety, at holiday camps, in repertory and as a warm-up artist for the Goons. In 1955 he was finally spotted on the stage in Windsor and offered a part in the film Cockleshell Heroes. From then on, he was rarely out of work. He appeared on the stage in the long-running Peter Ustinov play Romanoff And Juliet, and established himself in both military films, such as Ice-Cold In Alex (1958) andGuns At Batasi (1964), and in numerous comedies, including I'm Alright Jack (1959), The League Of Gentlemen (1959), Carry On Regardless(1961 - five more Carry Ons followed in the 1970s) and Dock Brief (1962). David appeared in over 100 films from 1959 to 1989, but never once had what he considered to be a starring role. He thought himself unattractive and ineligible for romantic roles, and joked that "this ugly mug of mine gets me the meaty parts". His early association with the Goons led to a starring role in The Running Jumping And Standing Still Film (1959), created by Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers and Richard Lester. On television, Lodge joined Milligan as long-time cast member in the anarchic Q series.

Keith Smith was born in Liverpool in 1926. He had several guest starring roles in TV Comedy such alsRipping YarnsThe Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin (both 1977) and Sykes and a .... (1961). His film career started in 1956. He appeared in over fifty movies, including I'm allright Jack (1959), The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom (1968) and The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins (1971) which also starred Spike Milligan. With Spike he worked again in Q7Q8Q9 & There's a lot of it about. Keith once was a fencing instructor at LAMDA and taught Donald Sutherland!

Also appearing were Alan Clare, John Wells, Robert Dorning, Stella Tanner, Chris Langham, Peter Jones, Alec Bregonzi, Rita Webb, David Rappaport and many more.